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Why is 3rd Party Lab Testing Important?

There are so many CBD options out there? If you are new to the CBD world, the selections can be overwhelming. How are you supposed to know what to choose?

From gas stations to the local supermarket, you can pick up CBD products anywhere? This raises many concerns, in my opinion. Are you getting what you paid for? What about fillers? Am I consuming a natural product? Where did this even come from? Who do I trust?

Third-Party Lab Testing

Any CBD product that you purchase should have 3rd party lab test results available for you. These tests should show you that the amount of CBD in the product is what is described on the label. It should also reflect an absence of harmful chemicals, additives, pesticides.

If a company is not willing to provide their lab test results, we highly suggest that you stay away from these products. Reputation is important in this blooming industry.

At Kentucky Botanical Co., all of our products are tested for potency, heavy metals, pesticides, and to make sure that we keep our products under the Federally required THC level of 0.3%. You can find all of our lab test results under the CBD Lab Tests results on our page, in store, or by following the QR Code on your bottle.

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