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About Us


Kentucky Botanical Co. is an education focused distributor of high quality, Kentucky grown hemp products. With a commitment to natural wellness, our mission is to keep our products as close to the plant as possible. By eliminating unnatural flavors, colors, and preservatives, we work every day to bring the safest products to our stores.


Through specializing in CBD and other all-natural, wellness based products, one of our goals is to help bring awareness to the community around us. Our lineup is derived through clean, Earth friendly extraction methods, while keeping quality and purity as the focus.


Our aim is to set a benchmark for the industry in terms of production, product, education and service to the community. We work with local and regional farmers, educators, industry leaders, and manufacturers to help build a market chain that will provide quality jobs for our state and region.


Our passion is driven by the opportunity to bring knowledge, sustainable products, and helpful alternatives to pharmaceuticals to our communities.

As a natural progression of our passions, we also offer a zero waste store experience in our retail locations. Contact us to see how we can help you begin your less waste journey.

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