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CBD Store Near Me

Kentucky Botanical Co. is Your Answer to CBD Oil Near Me

Have you been typing terms such as CBD store near me or CBD oil near me into your search bar? If so you will likely find a plethora of options. Be sure to choose quality oils from a reputable CBD oil store when you do purchase your supplies online.

We offer salves, oils, and tinctures that are proven effective, have been tested for strength and ingredients time and time again to guarantee their power, and most importantly are an all-natural way to take back control of your own health. Plant-based health management means that you can experiment a little bit till you find what works for you exactly. This is because our products are all-natural, yet powerful and effective.


We have four brick and mortar locations across the great state of Kentucky if you want to come in and browse our selection of quality CBD products. If you like you can shop online and get your CBD oil drops, Hemp oil, CBD salve, and our other products delivered right to your door. If you come in we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about a product and about the legislation for the legalization of marijuana in general. As of right now THC in marijuana and related products is what is outlawed. You can feel comfortable purchasing CBD products across the state. We even sell CBD salves to law enforcement officers with back pain, and oils to RNs who see both sides of the medical world. The CBD oil and salves do not get you high, do not make you fail a drug test, yet they work effectively for easing your pain flare-ups and chronic daily issues. Come in to learn more.

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